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Bioled provides the service of irradiance measurements to verify the quantity and distribution of light in the water column using state-of-the-art measurement equipment.


Bioled uses the ultrasound technique to evaluate gonadal development by a periodic non-lethal sampling. This includes the management and analysis of the data obtained from monitoring to assess the presence or absence of early maturity. 


The technique of evaluation of gonadal development through histology is used to confirm the results of ultrasound. The histology allows to evaluate accurately the state of the gonadal development of the fish.


The objective of measuring the melatonin hormone is to evaluate the physiological effect of artificial photoperiod in fish, nowadays it is presented as an indicator tool of photoperiod efficiency.


The measurement of sex hormones is used as an indicator of gonadal development, this service is complementary to the techniques described above.

Sex Hormone Measurement

Melatonin Measurement 

Gonadal Ultrasound

Histology Measurement 

Irradiance measurements